Acoustic Doors

We have a range of products to reduce or block sound and improve sound transmission loss ratings for construction assemblies that include acoustic doors and windows. When creating a soundproof room, the ability of the wall to block sound is only as good as the components used to build it.

We offer a line of heavy duty, soundproof acoustic doors and windows specifically engineered for durability and sound transmission loss (STC). We also carry a selection of acoustic door and window accessories to provide sound seals to existing doors and windows. Whether it’s for new construction or retrofit, we can help!

Soundproof Doors

A soundproof room is only as good as its components. If the door does not meet the same acoustical requirements as the rest of the room, then sound will easily pass through it to adjoining spaces. When fitted with the right door and sealing systems, noise will be contained and controlled.

Soundproof interior and exterior acoustic doors and windows are an ideal cost effective solution for recording studios, hotels, music rooms, conference rooms, or any space that needs to be soundproof. Our pre-hung acoustic doors feature multilayer construction in a variety of wood options suitable for indoor applications or metal for exterior use. If the door itself is not a problem, it could be that sound is leaking through the space between to door and the jamb. To solve this problem, we supply a full line of soundproof door seal kits and other products to keep noise contained. These standard and adjustable door seals are economical and easy to install

Acoustic doorsets

An acoustic doorset consists of a door leaf (or leaves), door frame, and seal package that has been tested for acoustic performance to AS 1191-1985. Acoustic doorsets are available in a range of STC/Rw ratings from 27 to 47. Many models also incorporate fire and/or smoke resistance levels according to AS1530.4-1997 and AS1530.7-1998. All tests have been conducted by independent NATA approved laboratories.

Typical applications for acoustic doorsets include recording studios, music halls, schools, executive meeting rooms and apartments. Pyropanel acoustic doorsets are capable of incorporating additional features such as ballistic or radiation resistance if required.

AK Acoustic Doors

AK has pioneered the design and manufacture of high performing acoustic doors for over 60 years, installing over 1 million acoustic doors worldwide. That experience has enabled us to evolve our service, offering greater flexibility to meet our customer’s bespoke requirements.

Through innovation in our manufacturing processes, AK Acoustics is now able to offer the best possible combination of value and performance, matched by a world-class lead time, enabling our customers to benefit from their products faster than ever before.

All AK acoustic doors are individually certified for peace of mind, whatever your requirements, we can help you contain or screen unwanted noise to suit your individual project.

Steel Acoustic Doors

AK has a high-end acoustic range from Rw50dB to Rw 63dB with higher possible in a linked door format. We are also able to supply lower rated steel acoustic doors or fire-rated acoustic doors. Our single and double-leaf acoustic doorsets are the most efficient, easy to install, user friendly on the market.

We strive for design excellence and flexibility, whether it be in unique design features or specialist fire rated, our high performance steel doors solve problems of noise transfer, loss, interference or pollution in a manner you would expect from a global innovator.

Self-aligning magnetic acoustic seals ensure a consistent and effective sound-proofing with non-slam action ensuring no pressure or stress on door ironmongery. Our split frame design configurations mean we can purpose build our acoustic doors for any environment rapidly, securely and to an exceptionally high standard of finish.

Large Acoustic Doors

Thousands of Super Noise-Lock® acoustic doors have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world. Typical applications include hotels, theatres, film studios, nightclubs, data centres, museums, test cells, laboratories, plant rooms, and power stations —in fact virtually any situation where sound must be contained within or excluded from a room or building.


Shadbolt acoustic doors and doorsets are purpose-made to provide superior appearance combined with good or excellent sound insulation in a wide range of applications.

Standard Shadbolt doors and doorsets fitted with perimeter seals can provide good sound insulation up to 35dB SRI Rw. For special applications high-performance acoustic doors up to 43dB SRI Rw can be supplied, with the same level of features and performance.

  • Acoustic performance is confirmed by a wide range of tests, generally carried out on normally operable doors fitted with non-specialist ironmongery.
  • High performance doors may require powered operation to comply with Building Regulations Part M, see Acoustic seals below.
  • Doors can be used to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations Part E for dwellings, and Schools Building Bulletin 93.
  • Normally supplied as doorsets complete with frames, in order to provide an assurance that the required acoustic performance will be achieved on site.
  • Acoustic doors may also be fire resisting FD30 or FD60, with matching appearance.
  • FD90 and FD120 doors can be supplied with a lower acoustic performance.
  • Available in the same choice of veneers and finishes as standard doors irrespective of acoustic performance, and can be matched to non-acoustic and fire doors throughout a scheme.
  • Matching or complementing acoustic wall and ceiling panelling, see Acoustic wall panels.
  • Available in a very extensive size range as single or double doors.
  • Can be used with carpet or sheet/tile floor finishes.
  • Glazed apertures can be provided whilst retaining good acoustic performance.
  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.


Acoustic doorsets may also provide 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance (FD30 and FD60), with smoke control where required, validated by independent tests and maintaining specified acoustic performance.

Acoustic doorsets providing 90 and 120 minutes fire resistance (FD90 and FD120) can be offered with a relatively low acoustic performance (32dB max).


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