Acoustic Door

Acoustic Door has built a worldwide reputation for supplying high quality, reliable acoustic doors to the entertainment industry, film studios, music venues, theatres, cultural centres and many other industries requiring specialist, sound insulating and acoustic fire rated doors.



Doors up to 20m x 20m

Sound Insulation up to Rw 60dB

  • Optional Fire Rating up to 2 Hours
  • No Floor Track
  • Safety Features

Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015 and with over 30 years of independent acoustic test data AK has built a worldwide reputation for high quality, reliable acoustic doors. Working together with architects, engineers, theatre consultants and acousticians the AK Design Team provide individually designed acoustic doors to the most challenging customer’s specifications.

Building Design

Large size high performance acoustic doors often have a large mass which will impose significant loads onto the building structure. By consulting us early in the design process this loading can often be incorporated into the building without the need for the later addition of expensive secondary supporting steelwork.

Acoustic Fire Doors

Large acoustic doors up to Rw 60dB can be fire rated to EI 120 / BS EN 1634-1, eliminating the need for separate fire shutters. The doors feature the AK Digital Controller (CDC), an encoder positioning system to ensure precise seal compression in the closed position, with automatic reset in the event of power failure. The CDC enables easy connection to the fire protection system, normally through the assured supply: when activated it provides a signal to the door closing circuit which overrides all other signals. An assured power supply is required but optional battery backup or manual disconnect device and procedure can be provided if necessary.